Mask Exemption Tools

If you have a mask exemption we have several tools to help you...


"I am Exempt" Button

mask exemption button

Provided by Rebel News through, these buttons are $10 each. Includes postage. An excellent pro-active tool to head door nazis and 'concerned citizens' off before they harass you.

Legal Exemption Cards

Provided by Lawyers4Truth

exemption card

Our partners at are providing legal exemption cards with a nice little hint of legal menace for anyone who harasses you. The image shown is an actual card.

Screenshot for Your Phone

The Actual Alberta Bylaw Clause

alberta mask bylaw exemption clause

Some of us have encountered uninformed people who believe that 'no one is exempt'. We recommend downloading this image to your phone. You can then use this image (a screen capture from the website) to prove that there are indeed exemptions.

To download the image:

On your phone: Press and hold on the image. Select 'Download Image'. Your phone should save the image to your Image Library.

On a computer: Right-click the image and select 'Save Image As'. Save it to your computer. You can then connect your phone to your computer to transfer the image to your image library.