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The Truth About Covid and The Impact of the Lockdowns

Covid Facts vs Fear


Covid is a highly virulent virus that Could Kill Anyone

Models predicted early in 2020 that Covid would kill up to 40 million people worldwide, and that no one was safe.


Under 60, Covid is less lethal than the seasonal flu.

See the charts near the top of this page for data from the Gov. of Canada, showing that Covid is less lethal than the seasonal flu over the past 20 years, and that even in the over 60 population, Covid death numbers are not far out of line with seasonal flu. 

In addition, there has not been a single instance of Covid killing an otherwise healthy person. The majority of those infected have no symptoms, and of those who do get sick, most will experience only mild symptoms and will not require hospitalization. To date, in Alberta, only 10 people have died who did not have at least one pre-existing comorbidity. While Alberta Health does not release their ages, it is highly likely that all 10 of these people were elderly.

The 2009 H1N1 epidemic was substantially more lethal.


Mandatory Masks Are Necessary to Prevent the Spread of Covid

On August 1st, both Calgary and Edmonton instituted mandatory mask bylaws to prevent the spread of Covid.


If Masks Worked, We Would Have Seen a Drop in Cases

In Calgary, 25% of people were wearing masks prior to the bylaw. After August 1st this increased to 99%. If masks were effective for stopping the spread of a virus, we would have seen a substantial drop in cases in both Calgary and Edmonton post August 1. As you can see from this chart from the Centre for Health Informatics, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary no such drop occurred.

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As you can see from this chart, none of the Covid measures instituted by the provincial or civic governments have led to a reduction in cases. If it had, the curves would have flattened out, but instead we see a normal summer progression for a seasonal virus.

A Danish randomized controlled trial on masks was published November 19 showing that masks have no statistical impact on infections.


Hospital ICU's will be Overwhelmed

When Covid lockdowns were instituted in early 2020 we were told it was a 'temporary measure' to prevent our hospitals from being overrun, and that if we did not take those measures thousands would die because treatment would not be available.


Covid Cases Have Not Even Come Close to Overwhelming Capacity

As you can see from this chart, we are not even close to reaching ICU capacity in Alberta. Nor have we ever been. Currently Alberta's ICU capacity for Covid-19 patients is 2,400 beds, with 650 beds equipped with ventilators (click link for source).


But is there a crisis in our hospitals? There could be. Hospitals too are forced to follow AHS rules and send home anyone who becomes ill, as well as anyone who has been in close contact with them. Our hospitals are more than equipped to handle many times the number of Covid patients as we have seen, or could expect to see, however due to AHS guidelines, hospitals are now chronically short-staffed. Keep in mind that most of the health care workers who are being forced to isolate are not, in fact, sick. They have no symptoms and under any other circumstances would still be at work.

Max. number of Covid ICU Cases vs. Total Number of ICU Beds Available

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