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Registration and Tools for Business Owners

Our government is violating your rights under both the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Bill of Rights. Cases are before the courts but the law moves slowly. Joining the Open for Business Coalition will put you in touch with other Alberta business owners so we can all stand together to defend our rights and our businesses.

We promote our Coalition businesses to our members (if you choose public registration), and work to provide you with resources and support to continue to operate your business to the greatest extent possible while protecting you from government actions that would shut down your business completely.

'Open for Business Coalition' Registration Form

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Public vs. Private Registration

We completely understand that some of you may be concerned that registering for the Open for Business Coalition may make you a target. If you choose public registration by not taking either of the private options we will promote your business to our members only (must be logged in to view the directory). You can also choose from one of two private registration options, in which case your business information will not be displayed, not even to our members.

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Signed the Petition but not a site member?

If you signed the petition but did not register as a site member, click the link below to register now. It's very quick and easy.

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Tools to Defend Your Rights

AHS guide cover

AHS and Bylaw Guide

How to defend your rights

We have prepared this document to provide you with responses to AHS and bylaw harassment. These responses may provide some measure of protection against fines, and will inform you of your rights. The document is updated regularly as we acquire new information.

We Are All Essential

Info and Support Business Network

We Are All Essential provides a business registry and informational support for member businesses. They hold regular information sessions online to inform you of your rights. They also have a Telegram group where you can connect with other business owners for support and information.

Lawyers4Truth letter

Mask Exemptions Letter


This document has been prepared by Lawyers4Truth and covers how businesses that deny service to those who have mask exemptions are in violation of Human Rights. It also addresses the myth that the Trespass Act allows them to pick and choose whom they serve.

mask exemption poster

Mask Exemption Poster

Post your defence

Mask exemptions are guaranteed by both the Alberta Mask Bylaw and by the Alberta Human Rights Commission. If AHS or bylaw harasses you for not forcing your customers or employees to wear a mask, our Guide above provides the response you should give, while the poster shows the public that denying service is a violation of Human Rights.